Amla sabji (Indian Gooseberry side dish)

Hello Friends,

I started making Amla sabji because every time I ate pickle bought from the market, I ended up with an irritated throat. I am glad now I have finally found one brand of pickle that suits me well but it’s in Dehradun, little far away from where i live, so this easy amla recipe which is made using  pickle masala (spices) comes in very handy.  I always knew that amla (Indian Gooseberry) has high level of vitamin C, is good for hair and skin but didn’t know that it has bodybuilding benefits as well, until I googled for it, like It enhances protein synthesis, is good for strengthening muscles and helps build lean muscle mass. Now that’s a lot given it’s price!  😀

Amla sabji (Indian gooseberry – side dish)
Cooking Time: 10-12 min
Serves : 2-4
Cuisine: North Indian
Course: Side Dish
Difficulty level : Medium
Amla (Indian Gooseberry)4-5
Kalonji (Black seeds)  1/4th tsp
Saunf (Fennel seeds)1/2  tsp
Sarson dana (Black Mustard seeds)1/4th tsp
Hari mirch (Green chilly)    1 slit
Whole dried red Kashmiri chilly  1
Jeera (Cumin seeds)            1/4th tsp
Ajwain (Carom Seeds)1/4th tsp
Mustard/Refined oil2 tsp
Haldi (Turmeric powder)1/4th tsp
Lal Mirch (Red chilly powder)1/4th tsp
Salt to taste

PS: You can add little Jaggery(gur) if you find it too tangy!


1.  Wash, chop and deseed the amla

2.  Heat the oil in a pan and add green chilly, red kashmiri chilly whole, Jeera (cumin seeds),  Sarson dana (mustard seeds), kalonji (black seeds), Saunf (Fennel seeds), Ajwain (carom seeds) and sauté for few seconds.

3.  Add amla, haldi (Turmeric powder), Red chilli powder, salt and sauté on low flame for 1 minute.

 4.  Add Jaggery (if needed) along with ½ cup of water, mix and cover with a lid and cook for 4-5 minutes. You can add little more water (if needed) and cook till the amla is nice and soft.

  5. Garnish it with coriander and enjoy as a pickle or side dish.

Raw Amla

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