Masala Papad Recipe

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               Papad or pappadum is known by many names. It is a thin, crisp, flatbread from Indian subcontinent. This Masala papad recipe is easy to make, crunchy, spicy and fun! Only downside is that you must serve it immediately or the papad becomes soft & soggy because of moisture. Usually it is the first thing you are served (as starter) when you go to an Indian restaurant.

My favourite is rice papad but because of limited availability of ingredients in this lockdown, I decided to use what I have at home. I am using, Haldiram’s masala papad in my recipe which turned out to be equally good 🙂 It has Mung Bean flour, Black gram pulse flour, Tepary beans flour as the main ingredient.

Masala Papad
Recipe for making 2 Masala papads
Course : Starter
Cuisine : Indian
Difficulty Level : Easy


  1. Two Papads (I have used haldiram’s Punjabi masala papad, you can use any other papad of your choice like moong dal, rice papad etc)

2.  Tomato – 1 medium, remove the seeds and cut into small cubes. (It is important to deseed the tomato, so as to reduce the moisture)

3.  Onion – 1 medium, finely chopped

4.  Cucumber – 1 small, finely chopped

5.  Chat Masala* – to taste

6.  Lemon juice – 2 tsp

7.  Fresh coriander leaves/cilantro/ – a small bunch, washed and chopped

8.  Green chilly – 1 finely chopped (optional) I am not going to put green chilly in my papad, as I am using punjabi masala papad, which already has lot of spices in it.)



1.  In a bowl, add chopped tomato, onion, cucumber, cilantro leaves, chat masala* and lemon juice, mix well.

2.  Roast the papad in microwave for 30 seconds on both sides (or roast on tawa with little oil or deep fry your papad in oil), let it sit for few seconds. You can apply little vegetable oil as well on your papad before you microwave it. 

3.   Place the papad in a plate and add the onion tomato mix evenly on top.

4. Serve immediately and enjoy!

You can also think of having it as a brunch or evening snack. Just add some bhujia/sev ( A popular crispy snack prepared by using besan (gram flour) & spices) on top of it.  Let me know in the comments, if you try this recipe with some other ingredients or vegetables as toppings. 😀

Masala Papad

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6 thoughts on “Masala Papad Recipe

  1. Excellent post on popular papad It is very tasty and it helps in digestion too. It is considered very light snacks with cold drinks . On picnik it adds to our delicacy specially the rice papad. It has very little oil in it.Its crisp and crunchy nature make it so popular

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