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I am Deepika & whitebutton is my passion project!

I started as a software programmer then taught for 12 years in various schools and Institutes. For five years I worked as a creative head of an NGO. I designed & conducted workshops on social issues but somehow had to leave everything as it was physically impossible to be present for professional and personal commitments at the same time (nuclear family woes)!!

Cooking was not on my list until I got married. Even after marriage cooking remained a monotonous job, kind of some mandatory side activity required purely for survival purposes only. It’s only in the year 2012 when my husband was diagnosed with diabetes, I actually thought about the importance of food!

Cooking healthy measured stuff all the time became such a task! With two little munchkins at home, it was really difficult to adapt to the new found lifestyle recommended by the doctor. Then I read, reread, absorbed and experimented with food. I slowly and rather unwillingly introduced certain foods (read vegetables), changed portion size, measured my oil and spices. I was stressed out and became obsessed with food, always thinking about getting everything right on the plate.

In the beginning, when i was trying new recipes, I failed almost every time but I kept on trying and I guess that worked for me. As they say “Necessity is the mother of invention” I had to….I knew, all I wanted was good healthy food for my husband. I wanted him to enjoy his food and not think about the disease at all! This emotion kept me going.

After few years of experience, came the realization….the moment of truth. Life, health, food is not about perfection. Diabetes became blessing in disguise! (Perspective!!💁) It made everyone in the family follow the basics. It is all about achieving the balance. A little bit of everything that’s around and makes us happy should be a part of our life. Only good food is not going to do any wonders. One needs to exercise, move around, enjoy the little things of life. I meditate , though not as often as I should but it works. I am doing cardio, strength training, yoga from last 6-7 years now at home. I am kind of self motivated (haha).  

There is nothing we won’t have as family now… calorie dense food, protein rich food, simple healthy and homely food…we don’t stop ourselves from eating out either but we definitely know how to strike a balance! I find cooking therapeutic & there is so much to learn😀   

This food blog started as a hobby two months back and initially i struggled with everything! understanding block editors, clicking food pictures to publishing stories on my Instagram handle. Now I am enjoying the process as I am learning new things every day. Interacting with the fellow bloggers & my followers has filled the void that was created after I left my job!

This food blog is a sincere effort to tell and show the world that no matter when and how you start, sometimes that one single first step is important, rest follows! So here I am, to cook and show you some wonderful recipes. I am here to show you that it is not important to be perfect when you start your journey, it is more important to be passionate. I am going to try, learn and acquire new skills, knowledge, whatever I can in the best of my ability to make this food blog connect with you all! I hope to motivate you all to cook good food and try new cuisines.

About the name & aim !
White is associated with light, purity, goodness, cleanliness. Button secures two pieces of fabric together and you push or press a button to activate something. So I kinda like the idea that white has a positive connotation and all that i am trying to do is connect with others over food recipes and some stories.😊

4 thoughts on “About The Author

    1. Pleasure to have you here Paulo! I recently bought an entry level DSLR Canon 1300 D and learning (read struggling😅) to use it. I was once part of an amateur photography group and I understand how much technique, knowledge & emotion is needed to get that shot!! I appreciate your work & looking forward to seeing more photos from you. Take care!😊


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